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Course site Using Advanced Data Structures in Modern Applications, a Pluralsight course which teaches various hashing schemes, approximative filters, spatial indexes, disjoint-set structures, tries and suffix trees. Focus is on practicality, examples and real-world scenarios. 2017.
Course site Introduction to Algorithmics, a Pluralsight course which teaches complexity analysis, data structures and algorithms with a strong focus on examples and intuition rather than mathematical proofs and formulas, 2016.
pdf There's a new kid in town, a single page explaining why it makes sense to consider alternatives to general-purpose row-stores when chosing a database for an application, 2015.
pdf Size Matters, a note about I/O and table design in relational databases, with focus on why and how the choices of column widths and row orderings impact performance, 2011.

Papers and talks

pdf Scalable Query Evaluation in Realational Databases, PhD dissertation, 2011.
pdf A New Data Layout For Set Intersection on GPUs, published at IEEE IPDPS 2011, Anchorage (Alaska), USA. Co-writer: Rasmus Pagh.
pdf Better size estimation for sparse matrix products, extended version of paper published at RANDOM 2010, Barcelona, Spain. Co-writers: Rasmus Pagh and Andrea Campagna.
pdf Multi-dimensional bin packing problems with guillotine constraints, published in Computers and Operations Research, 2010. Co-writer: David Pisinger.
pdf (SMDB)
pdf (full)
On vertical partitioning of relational OLTP databases using integer programming, extended abstract published at SMDB 2010 (in conjunction with ICDE 2010).
pdf Faster Join-Projects and Sparse Matrix Multiplication, published at the ICDT 2009 conference. Co-writer: Rasmus Pagh
pdf Constructive algorithms and lower bounds for guillotine cuttable bin packing problems, Master thesis, 2005. A list of corrections can be found here and slides for the defense (Danish only) are available here.
pdf DCF - A framework for distributed computing, Course project, 2004. Co-writer: Laurent Flindt Muller. Homepage for DCF can be found here.


Curriculum Vitae

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